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Behzad Eslami

Artisan Blacksmith

Behzad Eslami is dedicated to the craft of artisan smithing and through his work, he is transforming an ancient trade into a modern art form.
He is a member of the Iranian association for the makes of traditional handicrafts and he regularly participates in exhibitions, both in Iran and abroad. You may see his work not only in museums and galleries, but also in public spaces such as city squares and even in the metro. His metal reliefs are the centrepiece of 11 stations of the Tehran metro.
His current focus is on figurative smithing, and he has received the most acclaim for his “OWLS” collection and for his beautiful pomenegrate-like creations. You may browse and purchase examples of both in ANAR PERSIAN ART.


Mina & Nilufar Javan

Purse-designer sisters from Iran

Mina Javan (b.1984) and Nilufar Javan (b.1987) have always been interested in leather crafting since they were very young and designed their first products at home.
Currently, Mina, Art (Painting) graduate and Nilufar, an Economist represent an active female couple, who produce beautiful objects of applied art and at the same time, create employment opportunities for women and single mothers with disabilitie, specifically women with hearing loss.
The originality of their products lies not only in the creative design and patterns, but also in combining various materials such as leather, wood and metal, thanks to what their products are recognizable at the first sight.
They decorate their works with Persian motifs or calligraphy inspired by verses from Persian poetry. Crafting ornaments into wood and leather or the patchwork of multicolored pieces of leather is their professional signature.
Mina and Nilufar contribute significantly to the current form of modern Iranian fashion industry. They are regular fashion exhibitors in Iran and abroad. In total, they have received 4 times UNESCO Award for originality and high quality of their products. They are as well holder of the National Certificate for quality and original design in handicraft.

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Alikhan Abdollahi

Self-Taught Sculptor

Mr Alikhan’s story is a beautiful example of how hard work and effort can bring success even without a formal education.

Alikhan Abdollahi (57) was one of the many Afghans who fled his country almost 33 years ago.  Having crossed into Iran, he initially struggled with integrating in the new country, eventually finding a job as a houseworker. With his friendly and open disposition, he quickly endeared himself to the local people in his community, and they decided to help him by teaching him how to read and write (he was previously illiterate).

One day, he noticed an older man sitting by the road, painting the world around him and attempting to sell his creations for a little money. Alikhan offered him tea and over time they became good friends. They decided that they would try and create something artistic together. For their first attempts at sculpting, they used materials that they could find just lying about the streets, such as the waste left behind a sandwich shop. They mixed this with plaster, and for the skeleton structure of their sculptures they used wood or wires. But they found that it still lacked something essential.  Then, one day, while walking on the street, Alikhan tripped on a discarded egg tray. He took it home with him and thought about using it as the material for his sculptures. After mashing it he added mucilage and thus created the material that he uses until today.

For his creations he uses only his imagination. The statues he exhibited in front of his home were luckily discovered by gallery operators and they began to purchase them. The income from selling his art abroad has helped him fund the education of his 3 children; one of them he even supports with his studies outside of Iran. Despite his newfound success, he still continues to work as a home assistant in his local community. What he has learnt as a self-educated artist, he is more than happy to share with others for free.

You will find the sculptures of Mr Alikhan decorating our gallery at ANAR PERSIAN ART, and one day they might perhaps adorn your own living room as well.


Behzad Azhdari


Behzad Azhdari was born in 1970 in Ahwaz, in southern Iran. He graduated from Tehran University with a degree in biology in 1988. However, he became a self-taught artist and for many years experimented with various media, particularly painting and sculpture. Since 1994 he has mainly focused on ceramics.
His works can be divided into three periods: 

His earlier artworks were inspired by and based on the study of aesthetics and forms in ancient Iranian ceramics.
In the second period he produced functional and decorative vessels.
His current works include the creation of artworks, which represent responses to social and physiological issues and the challenges, which impact daily life. All of his works are rooted in Iranian art and culture.
He has been the recipient of various awards such as Best in Show in the 4th 5th and 6th International Ceramic Biennial at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Tehran from 1996-2000.
More than thirty of his artworks have received national and international recognition in excellence from Iran and UNESCO.


Nasrollah Kasraian


Mr. Nasrollah Kasraian (born 1944 in Khorramabad, Iran) is an internationally recognized photographer and very often nick-named as Father of Iranian Ethno-photography. Graduated from the Faculty of Law at Tehran University, he decided to quit the carrier of lawyer and fully dedicated his talent to photography.
Since 1966 together with his wife Ziba Arshi (anthropologist) he has documented the life in different parts of Iran, bringing pictorial stories about tribal life, often from very remote and not easily accessible areas of Iran. They published more than 40 books together.
Apart from photography, he has translated many books from English to Persian, among them the poetry of Charles Bukowski.
You are welcome to enjoy his photos and books at ANAR PERSIAN ART gallery, where you can as well buy them (all signed).

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