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It all began in the spring of 2018 during one of my visits to Iran. Despite my Persian background, I was still endless fascinated by an art form that was constantly evolving into something beautiful and modern, while still honouring its inspirations and roots in traditional art forms. I found contemporary Persian art to be modern, original, and it simply engrossed me like never before.

A year later after another visit to Iran, I was thrilled to discover that a thought had taken hold in my mind to open my own art gallery in Prague, where I could showcase the fusion of traditional and contemporary Persian art.

ANAR PERSIAN ART wants to create a bridge between East and West in art. A bridge that could bring the delights of Persian art directly to both a Czech and international audience, so that they would be able to appreciate it in a way like never before.

One of the main traditions that we have inherited from generations past is the knowledge of artisan crafting. Nowadays, handmade artisan goods are highly valued even outside of Iran for their originality and the precision of a master’s touch.  Many times, we are dealing with works of genuine artistic brilliance, which contain in themselves a little piece of Persian history.

This is precisely the reason why in ANAR PERSIAN ART we endeavour to show you not just the pieces that represent a contemporary direction for Persian art, but also the classic and traditional pieces that will continue to inspire generations of artists to come.

Located in central Prague, we welcome any guest who wishes to learn more about world art.


Persia is colorful - Live the colors!

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